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So which way is the best way to make my gun more accurate. By cutting the barrel to 16" by DRC and the trigger job or to thicken the barrel to .750".

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Good question.
I am wondering the same thing.
Accuracy systems puts a sleeve over the factory barrel.
Wonder how it shoots after everything heats up.
There will not be 100% contact all the way around.
Seems to be overpriced by about $100.
But they do include a trigger job.
I am a tight wad.
I'm leaning towards the DRC shorty option.
However I would have my local guy cut and crown for $45.
Then I could put a Choate front sight on, or just re-use
the factory one.
I know the factory front sight doesn't look "cool".
I cut and filed mine down and fit
the M14 dovetailed front sight to it.
Shouldn't loose much performance by going down to 16.25.
The government thinks 14 is enough for the M4.
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