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Texas Demos, How many laws broken?

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I was wondering Exactly how many laws were broken during that little fiasco with the Texas Democratic legislators? Like-flight to avoid arrest,accross state lines, the Gov of the state they ran to being charged with harboring fugitives,or aiding and abetting? What I mean is think of what they did in terms of "if you or I did such a thing" what charges would be piled on us?

By the way,are they out of jail (on bond) yet? All removed from office already? :eek: ;)


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Geno is probably right, these politicians that ban guns have an Army of body guards to defend them. Those two faced sob's, if they keep this stuff up, the current generation may be the next to tell them (GO F*** YOURSELF! WE WANNA BE FREE!) and then que the next Civil War.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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