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Sold pending funds in a private sale

I have a Tennessee Arms lower that is excess to my needs. I have had this lower for a couple of years and it has been on 2 different uppers. But, it just doesn't fit into my color schemes. It is their version of Field and pretty much everything I have is OD or OD and black. I will have a set of carbine Field hand guards that go with it. The stock and buffer tube are commercial and not milspec.

It is complete except for the buffer and the buffer spring. They are on another Tennessee Arms lower: AR-15 Style | Lightweight | Tenn Arms Co

If you want a light weight rifle that weighs right at 6.4 lbs. with a Magpul back up sight, this is the combination. Match it with this upper: Del-Ton, Inc. AR-15 16" Custom Upper

If you have parts laying around and don't mind building your own upper you can complete a light weight AR for well under $500.

This will need to go through a FFL holder for the transfer.

$80 shipped to your FFL if he will take it directly from me. Insurance is extra. If you need it shipped from my FFL it will have to add what ever my guy charges for the shipping.

Postal Money Order or just a Money Order from a good bank. NO Pay Pal.

I seem to have collected way too much stuff and some things have to go. I have made an AR for all of the family that needs one (plus those who don't) and several are made with the Tennessee Arms lowers.


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