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tc advice

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have been around guns all my life but I have never seen one of these much less owned one,an old friend just presented me with his t.c. This is what was in the box. all of this is t.c. brand, pistol receiver, these barrels are 10 inch, 22 lr,357 hot shot , 45 colt hotshot, 14 inch super 35 rem. , t.c. scope 1.5 RP .5x177 2 pairs of mounts and scope rings. a tc holster for the 35 rem. all oridganal paper work. my questions, if I take the chokes off the hot shot barrels can I shoot reg. 357 mag and 45 colts rounds out of them? maybe a dumb question but I just don't know, also I took the iron sights off the 35 rem. barrel to install the the scope boy are those some short drilled and and taped holes they are only .085 deep is this the spec for this sure seems short. I shot the 22lr and its hard to get the action open I tried the other barrels and they work fine so im thinking im going to have to find where it hanging up and maybe do some stone work on that one. I shot the 35 rem. WOW WHAT A THUMPER . that will be one mean deer slayer))))) thank you
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The .22 LR barrel may be an early type barrel (non-easy open). Is the front sight screwed on or soldered?

I have been told that you can fire standard ammo out of the shot barrels so long as the chokes are removed.

Yes, .35 Rem has some UMPH to it. Little but much for the range, but great for game and steel plates. :D If you are not one to reload, the Hornady LeveRevolution 200gr box ammo is extremely accurate in the Super 14 barrel.
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