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Taurus service

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I had posted in Jan regarding the problems I was having with a head space problem on my Taurus 45 acp Tracker 2" revolver with full moon clips. The problem was that the cylinder would not turn when the gun was fired or the hammer pulled back without excessive force. The 45 acp cartridges rub against the frame of the gun when using the moon clip.

I sent the gun to Taurus the first time and it came back with a note that it was repaired. I took it to the range and put 50 rounds through it. I didn't have much time that day but wanted to run a quick test. Worke great. The next week I put 150 through it and right back to the same problem.

I called Taurus and told them I felt the gun was unsafe to use and wanted it replaced. They told me to send it in. By the way they paid the freight to the factory both times.

I called them after a couple of weeks to see what was going on. They don't have the best phone service and they don't do email. Anyway I talked to someone in Customer Service. She said my gun was with the review board and a decision would be made in four weeks. I got the same gun back a few weeks ago. They indicated it was repaired under the lifetime warranty.

I called and asked to speak with the person who repaired it. I wanted to know what they did to it and how I could be sure it was safe to use. They sent me to his voice mail. He had just stepped away and would get right back to me. The next week I called and asked for the guy and he answered. He told me he did not work on my gun but would call me back on my cell phone within the hour with some answers to my questions. That was over a week ago and still no call back.

I tested the gun again with 50 rounds. Stopped at a range and had only 30 minutes. I shot Winchester FMJ RN 230 grain - standard white box. Worked great. I thought maybe its really fixed. Then a few days later had another 30 min and started shooting a box of UMC and the cylinder jammed with the first moon clip. I tried 3 moon clips and same, so went out to cashier and bought a box of Wiinchester, same as the other day. It jammed. I was starting to think it was a problem with the ammo, but wasn't.

I started playing around with the moon clips and finally determined if I put them in one way it jams, turn it over and it works better. But the clips are supposed to work either way (I assume since they are not marked in any way). I think there is so little clearance for the cylinder to rotate that there just isn't enough room.

Any suggestions on what I do now? This is my carry gun, or should say was supposed to be. But I could never count on it in the event I really need it. I am thinking about calling Taurus again. I'm about ready to give up. I think they must put one moon clip in it, shoot 5 times and say its ok and send it back.

Thanks for any feedback.
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