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I recently purchased a Taurus Poly Protector chambered in .38 special, and since most people I know are skeptical about it being a polymer revolver I figured that I would write a review about my most recent purchase.
Even though this revolver is mostly polymer it still does not have that cheap, toy-like appearance of some polymer firearms that I have had experience with. Even though I do prefer blued or stainless steel, the polymer on this particular firearm looks quite nice, again not looking cheap or anything of the sort. I also like this polymer version because this is my main carry weapon now, and allows it to not be overbearing or too heavy, I believe that I could carry this gun all the time with no problems with it weighing me down.
This revolver also shoots like a dream. At first I was worried about it being too light, making the recoil too snappy or making you lack in muzzle control of the gun due to the reduced weight of the polymer. But as soon as I fired the first shot those worries went right out the window. Don't get me wrong, this gun does have a bit of a snappy recoil but to me it is a good kind of snappy. The recoil is very quick with little muzzle rise and a fast recovery, which I liked very much. The sights are great too, Taurus put a set of fiber optic sights on these which is a great improvement from my old carry weapon (Ruger LCP) where the sights were literally next to non-existent.
The accuracy is also pretty good with this gun too, I kept a pretty tight group at about 10-15 yards which was good enough for me, especially since it is a small carry weapon. And believe me, I am NOT a pistol shooter and most of the time couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if I was trying. I think that the upgraded sights may have also aided in the good accuracy.
Overall, I really like this pistol. Like I said, a little skeptical at first due to the all polymer construction, but I really do like this pistol and enjoy shooting it. I like being able to have a carry pistol that I can also shoot just for recreation and to have fun with. So yes, I would for sure recommend this one, Taurus did good work on this Model 85 wheel gun.
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