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"Taller" scope rings?????

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For my first post, I'll ask a ??? that didn't seem to be answered before.

I wish to put a 50mm BSA on my ranch and the Ruger rings are to "short" to aloow this.
The Leupold 77/22 rings appear to be close but are slightly "off" when I tried them.

Has anyone else found a set of rings that will work????
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Welcome to the forum Doc, I don't have anything to add as the guys seem to have covered all the bases.
You might want to install a smaller gas bushing, so your mini won't beat up your Scope. You can use the search button in your upper right control to find very detailed threads on the subject. The gas bushing will make a BIG improvement in reducing recoil on your mini!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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