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"Taller" scope rings?????

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For my first post, I'll ask a ??? that didn't seem to be answered before.

I wish to put a 50mm BSA on my ranch and the Ruger rings are to "short" to aloow this.
The Leupold 77/22 rings appear to be close but are slightly "off" when I tried them.

Has anyone else found a set of rings that will work????
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There's a Ruger mount to Weaver adapter out there. Don't remember exactly where I saw it, it was prob'ly mentioned in a posting here. I thought about it for 60 seconds, then decided to just try my 9 power tasco from another rifle. It took about 40 minutes to take off the weaver rings, put on Ruger rings I already had, and align things. The 9 power was plenty adequate for 100 yards, so I may just try for 200 yards and see what works.

It would be handy to mount that adapter. I could try my 20 power Leupold without the hassle of switching rings. I could prob'ly borrow a scope for a quick try at the range. I've found that the "boresight" lense made by Leupold works great for setting scopes real quick. It was $60 and works with every scoped rifle I've tried so far.

Just a couple of crazy ideas.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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