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Takedown Lever action 9/40/45 prototype

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New to the forum and look forward to talking with y'all. I'm presently prototyping a takedown lever action that'll accept 1911 single stack mags. If the interest is there, we'll start milling out receivers to accept glock and xd/m mags as well (hence the 9 & 40). Stats for this incarnation as follows:

Finish: Stainless Steel

Stock: Takedown, Black Synthetic, Pachmayr Decelerator Pad

Sights: XS Ghost Rings (El/W Adj)/Red Fiberoptic front, Scout Scope Rail attached to front hand guard (floats over barrel)

Receiver: Solid top strap (marlin-esque), RH Eject, ambidextrous mag release

Action: Big Loop Lever, Exposed Hammer w/ half cock, SA

Trigger: SA, 2.5 lb pull

Safety: Tang

Takedown: Uninterrupted threads, Spring stop locks into front of magwell, lever under forearm prevents unintentional unlocking

Barrel: 16.25", 1:16 RH twist, threaded barrel option

Magazine: 1911 single stack (Glock 45/40/9, XD 45/40/9)

Accessories: Soft carry case/MOLLE backpack (no logo), 3 mags, Boresnake

I won't post any photos until we've got this first one wrapped up. I'll be applying for my Type 07 ffl shortly, now that I'm out of the service and am stationary for a while. I am hoping for input/questions from one and all. Thanks in advance.
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Oh yeah I would be interested !!! Take down and use magazines I already have. Sign me up. I am sure that some of the *purists* may scoff at this, but I am not one to follow and like to try out different things. I am sure other people would be interested too !!! God Bless :)

***Heck I got a Mossberg 464 SPX and tons of purists hate that gun, yet Mossberg can not make them fast enough as they are always in short supply of them LOL !!! So it makes you wonder :)
Hunters have always objected to a magazine clip sticking out the bottom but for target/home defense, etc., I'm thinking it'll be a winner. Best of luck to you!

"If banjos are outlawed, only outlaws will have banjos."
hopeing to see a range test of the completed prototype. good luck, useing detachable handgun mags should simplify design.
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