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Don't have the Barrett any longer. I was an M60 Gunner in Nam and just had to have one for "old times sake". One of the three AK folders is still with me, as well as a bunch of other goodies here and there. I would have to say that when you see my pics that 90% of them are in my possession, with the exception of a mere handful that I may have sold or traded. Sometimes I wish that I had what I have gotten rid of, but then during certain times, you do what you have to do, if ya know what I mean. All of the weapons that I own are within the ATF's guidelines. As far as full autos go, I recently terminated my employment after 4years at a local firearms/shooting range establishment. The owner is a Class II Manufacturer and has a whole bunch in the FA Mode that he rents out and that I got to fondle and shoot as well. I miss that part of the job, but then there was another one of those times where I had to do what I had to do. If I feel the need however, he is only a stones-throw away (1.5 miles) :D

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Very cool.

I've a friend who picked up an unfinished receiver for a BAR, and will make a non-firing display of it with the remaining parts being USGI.

I'm in CA, so FA is a no-go. But the .50's intrigue me... although I doubt I'll get around to buying one before they outlaw those as well.

While not a real battle firearm, I also like the concept of a large bore upper on an AR-15 lower, such as that done by Tromix and their .458 SOCOM. But where'd I get the ammo?

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