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I don't know much about slings, except that I have never seen a comfortable or practical sling. It seems to me there must be some kind of sytem to carry a battle rifle behind the shoulder, and easily chaged to battle-ready carry. What keeps the sling from sliding off the shoulder during battle-ready carry? Recomendations are appreciated.

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I think the side sling arangement works well. It is used on the H&k, FR-8, K98K, M1Carbine and mini-14 (with factory folding stocks). This allows you to carry the rifle across your back when you do not need it (with a snug sling) and across the front ready to use (but with some weight carried by your shoulders) when you might use it (the sling will be set long for this). I hope this makes sense... Anyway that is how I like to carry my rifle when working around my farm/ranch. BTW carring a rifle slung on your sholder in normal fashion hurts if you have a high cap mag (it will dig into your back/ribs). H&K has a three position sling that probably works better but I have never seen one in person and have not seen a good enough picture to figure it out for myself. Thx-Ace

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I have been disgusted with the currently available slings. I am using
a non-folding folder, which doesnt help. Necessity is a mother, so..

I took 2 standard SKS slings, cut off one end of each, and joined
them together, looping the free ends through one of the metal loops
I took off, and then back through the adjusters. Maybe that is not
what they are called, nor is this necessarily the best way, but you
get the idea; make on long sling.

I adjusted this to the minimum length that would allow me to
shoulder the rifle from a tactical carry, with the sling around my
neck, over my left shoulder (I'm right handed). The sling also comes
up on the left side of the rifle from the pistol grip.

Then, I pulled a loop up from the pistol grip on the right side of the
stock, until I got it to the correct tactical carry length. then I marked
the spots where the sling overlaps itself at the top and bottom of the
loops. there I installed snaps.

When the snaps are closed, I can carry it across my back, muzzle
down, and swing it up to the tactical position. the sling is supporting
the pistol grip from the right side of the stock, supply a
counter-clockwise force, keeping it against my torso instead of
falling away. A sharp yank downward, and the snaps open up, the
loops drop down and away from the right side of the stock allowing
me to easily shoulder the rifle.

It sounds complicated, but is not. If anyone is interested, I'll draw
up a little bmp and e-mail it, or post it if I can figure out how.
Improvements are very welcome.

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I'd like to see something on it if you can. I use the Tactical tailor sling on my M4gery and just bought an HK UMC 45 with the HK tac sling. Very versitile sling but it doesn't seem to work as efficiently on the UMC as it does on the 91 I used to have.

My email is [email protected]



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Check out the following link:

CQB Sling Carry Options

It's a page showing the carry options available for our "3-Point" CQB Slings which retail for $21.00 - $30.00, depending on model.

Based on your message, this may be the sling for you. I used 3 Point slings for many years prior to making my own and have been very pleased with the versatility of the design. If there was a better sling design, we'd make it.

Scott Day

CQB Solutions

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