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TAc-Star Shotgun Tactical Accessories++++

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We are probably the best and least expensive source of Tac-Star Accessories
any where. We carry it all and if not in stock, we can get it in a few days.
All Tac-Star Parts are made for the major Shotgun Models. We carry the
following parts and Accessories + MORE............

-.Barrel magazine clamps-$7.25 each
-.Tac Combat Sling @$16.95ea.
-.Universal Barrel [email protected] $20.75 ea.
-.Weapon Light Systems @ $84.95ea.
-.Front and Rear Grips @ $20.75 ea
- 4 & 6 Shot Side Saddles @ $22.95 ea.
-.Side Saddle Weapon Light [email protected] $25.50 ea.
-.Magazine Extensions,7-8-10 shot @ $29.95- $32.50 ea
-.Pressure switch end caps @ $15.25ea
-.Quick Detachable Light mount for Glock Pistols (9/40)@ $16.25 ea.
-Pistol-grip Shotgun Carrying [email protected] $22.50 ea.

-Visit our site and look at the complete line including other fine products.
-Please don't hesitate to call , fax or e-mail with any and all questions.

-Lastly -Back in stock .......
-Manufactured by the same Company that makes the Fobus Combat Holsters.
-These are the real thing and have been used for many applications.
-Contructed of heavy Duty Injected Molded Polymer Substance.
-They have Stealth-Like qualities.
-It is so light you don't even know you are carrying it.
-Excellent Self Defense weapon without the BIG COSTS.
-They come with a belt Clip built into the handle and the blade is serrated
double edge.
-There are 2 sizes- 8" Overall or 7" overall
-$ 8.95 small- $9.95 large- shipping 5.00
-Buy One 7" and one 8" and pay only $16.75 + 5 .50 shipping
Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd
PO Box 134
Palenville ,NY 12463
[email protected]
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