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synthetic thumbhole stock

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is bell and carlson the only company that offers a thumbhole synthetic stock?

i like the look and feel of the the fajen thumbhole silhouette stock, but was wanting it in a synthetic, seems like it would take more abuse.....

the fajen laminate just seems like it would get marred to easily.

is there some protective coatings that can be applied that would insure it wouldnt get scratched dinged etc...

any help would be greatly appreciated thnx :)
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ya that would rock would it not, a laminate bells and carson :)))

ya i love the look of the laminates, they've got some nice color combos as of late...

heres a link to a bit cheaper stock, in all kinds of colors (camo patterns)

thnx cajungeo for the warm welcome to the forum :)
ya but thats part of my problem... or lack there of..

the wifie never seems to let me spend that kind of money on toys :(((

why i was tryin to find a synthetic, then seem to be cheaper

also on another note, heres a fairly cheap combo, considering that the fajen stock alone is 105 and some change... not sure about the barrel, it is the kind cajungeo has on his gun, so it must be good :))
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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