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synthetic thumbhole stock

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is bell and carlson the only company that offers a thumbhole synthetic stock?

i like the look and feel of the the fajen thumbhole silhouette stock, but was wanting it in a synthetic, seems like it would take more abuse.....

the fajen laminate just seems like it would get marred to easily.

is there some protective coatings that can be applied that would insure it wouldnt get scratched dinged etc...

any help would be greatly appreciated thnx :)
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And I was just thinking "I wish Bell & Carlson would make that stock in laminate..."

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
I'm sure you could get somebody to copy the Bell & Carlson stock in laminate. You know... if you had alot of money to burn... :D

TheGermanGuy :sniper:
Well, the Fajen Sporter or Silhouette are gonna run you around 100 Bucks. Unfinished. The finished ones are around 150 Bucks. Same as the Bell & Carlson in synthetic. I guess it's up to personal preference, but I'd get the Fajen Sporter and finish it myself. Saves you 50 Bucks, plus you get to take pride in having done something that everybody at the range is gonna drool over. Right!?
If you wanna go real cheap, Choate makes that Dragunov Style synthetic stock and they sell it for 65 Bucks on their website. Sure, it's not a thumbhole, but 65 Bucks!? :D
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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