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Just fun to think about what it would take to make a survival rifle. With the firearms I have, the best one would be my Mini 14. With a synthetic stock and SS parts I think it would be near perfect for the role. So what contents would I need to pack into the hollow space in the buttstock? Here is what I've come up with so far from looking around at others and here is a pic of the rifle.

DSCN0029 by jpetrak, on Flickr (Obviously remove the bipod)

-Small Cleaning kit
-Flat throwing knives of sorts under the ammo band
-Length of rope or para-cord
-Magnesium fire starting block
-QR rings on the scope (If damaged I can remove it)
-Possibly will add a strut to it and store a small screwdriver in it so I can access the buttstock
-Paint the sights with night sight paint

Anything else?

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My first thought, for my situation anyways, would not be a a semi auto rifle and not in .223. Really I suppose what type of SHTF scenario you would talk about.

Locked down in my home, bugging in, Mini would be my first choice for all my rifles. Right beside me would be one of my longer range hunting rifles and a pistol on my hip so the supplies in the stock would not be necessary.

Now, bugging out into the wilderness I would bring my Mod 70 30-06. Although the Mini's are very reliable and tough as nails, in a situation with a lot of stress and potential abuse to equipment I would feel better carrying a bolt gun. Also, I would imagine during a SHTF situation 30-06 would be easier to come by. Dependent upon how i travel during a SHTF I would bring the Mini as a second rifle. Otherwise, 06 and my XD40 on my hip, Buckmark in my BOB.

One other thing to consider, for me anyways is, do I want a scope or irons on my rifle. I have a scope now on it but think it more wise to have irons. Less potential problems. This is why I will probably keep my Mini stock and why I really want a RGS.
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