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Whats the point in a subsonic .223? you may aswell just use a 10/22 with the 60 grain aquila SSS ammo and a silencer.
Silencers are encouraged in my country so there is not much coolness that goes with having one just because.
If you really want to shoot subsonic from a mini at least do it with a mini-30 so you have some weight behind the projectiles.
Its going to be louder and heavier then a .22lr and its not going to do much more.
Sure you can go all out and try load some heavy projectiles, even then it will not have much on a lowly .22lr with 60grainers
Dont get me wrong I like silencers and have several of them myself, I say go for it and silence the mini but dont bother with the sub sonic ammo
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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