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Sunday Specials
-Fobus Glock 26 Ankle Holsters $28.00
-Fobus Glock 36 Ankle Holsters $28.00
-Fobus Glock GL2 Paddle Holster (17 series) $15.99
-Fobus Glock GL4 Paddle Holster(29/30 &SW99) $16.99
-Fobus Glock GL36 Paddle Holster $16.99
-Fobus C21 1911 Paddle Holster $15.99
-Fobus 4500Paddle Dbl Mag Pouch 16.99
-Fobus 4500Belt Dbl Mag Pouch $15.99
-Fobus 6900 Paddle Dbl Mag Pouch $15.99
-Buy 2 or more Fobus and Take additional $1.00 off each.
* Shipping $5.00-Multiple orders the same.
-Brand New Pachmayr AR15 Grips- Only $22.95 + shipping
-B-Square Lifetime Guaranteed Gunsmith Tool Kit $16.95
-German HK German Claw Mts $185.00 1'' or 30mm Rings add $65.00 per set.
-A-ZOOM PRACTICE AMMO -in Stock reduced pricing at our site.
-Butch's Bore Cleaner-in stock reduced pricing at our site.
-TACSTAR Weapons Light-SPECIAL-$74.95- no further discounts!
-TacStar Shotgun Accessories 10%
-B-Square Ridged Bi-Pod $39.95
-Lyman Deluxe Hammer and Punch Set $29.95
-Pachmayr 1911 Accessories at reduced pricing.
-Pachmayr AR15 Grips @ $22.95
-Pachmayr 1911 Stainless Steel 7 shot and 10 Shot magazines-reduced prices
at our site.
-Visit new Lyman Reloading ,Black Powder and Accessory Section %10 Off
-Black Powder Rifles and Kits greatly reduced

Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprises,Ltd.
P.O. Box 134
Palenville , N.Y. 12463
Fx-651-324-1398(direct toComputer)
[email protected]
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