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B A Steinhagen, also known as Dam B is on hwy 190 between Jasper and Woodville Texas. Due to the average depth of the lake, bass fishing is not "that" great, but there are some largemouth bass and what some people might call Kentucky of spotted bass. Unlike Sam Rayburn that has lots of deep areas, B A Steinhagen is rather shallow, the only "real" deep area is the main river channel.

My son and I launched the boat on the west side of B A Steinhagen at a public boat launch, but there is a $3 fee to launch.

Just as we were launching, some idiot pulls his truck right in front of the boat launch, directly in front of the "no parking" sign, gets out and start fishing off the pier. Good thing I can back a boat trailer up at an angle, and then turn into a boat ramp.

My son and I got the boat launched, idled through a no wake zone, hit open water and opened the motor up. I guess the time by now was maybe around 6:45 am, maybe close to 7am. We ran parallel to hwy 190 until we hit the main river channel, which was about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile from the boat launch.

After arriving at the main river channel we turned south, crossed under a bridge on hwy 190, went maybe a 1/4 mile, turned off the main motor, dropped the trolling motor and started fishing.

I was fishing with a tiny brush hog watermelon red color. Right off the bat the bass started hitting the worm. My first bass was about 9 inches long, and it was landed only a few minutes after we started trolling the bank.

The water was glass smooth, so I decided to switch to a top water bait, and my favorite top water is a tint torpedo.

I had 2 rods setup - one with a worm in a Texas rig, and one rod for lightweight lures.

After throwing that tiny torpedo a couple of times, something hit it but the hook did not set. Instead of throwing the tiny torpedo again, I switched rods and threw the tiny hog brush. As the worm was reeled through where the fish had just hit the tiny torpedo the fish hit the worm. And another 7 - 8 inch bass was reeled in.

The area where we were fishing is where the Neches river dumps into B A Steinhagen. How about a change of scenery. The trolling motor was fired up, and my son and I headed over to a grove of cypress trees that runs along B A Steinhagen Magnolia Ridge Park.

Martin Dies is a state park which is run by the State of Texas. Magnolia ridge park is run by the Army corps of Engineers. Most of Magnolia Ridge Park has a line of cypress trees that is maybe 200 yards thick. I thought the outside line of that line of cypress trees would be some good bass fishing, but nor I or my son caught anything.

Ok, how about another change of scenery. The main motor was fired up, we headed back to the main river channel and turned north into the Neches River.

I dont know what it was, but we did not catch anything after those first few bites. My son and I were using everything from tiny torpedoes to crank baits, and nothing was hitting.

Around 11 we decided to go back to the boat launch and go home.

As we were heading down the river the boat motor went zooooooom, spit, spit, sputterrrrrr,,,,,,. I pressed the kill switch before the motor died on its on. I sure am glad I had that spare gas can with me. The gas can was switched out, the motor was fired up, and we got back to the boat launch.

My son did not catch anything, better luck next time, and I caught 3.
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