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sub sonic ammo?

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Is there any sub sonic ammo availible for a 223?

Or has anyone ever handloaded any?
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I hand loaded some. My firelap bullets were loaded with 3 grns of H110. They just made a poping sound. The mini was a bolt gun.
Just when I think I've seen it all someone comes up with another good idea. Thanks pposey. I added that link to my favorite file folder. I'm gonna load me some, but I hafta see about getting the powder first.

Some point in time you might think of getting you a chrony. It makes load developement easier, and more exact.

Here is a link for some factory subs. Check out:
Originally posted by PPosey

Ouch they want $12 a box!!!! That hurts,,,,,I have lotsa brass
and 45 and 55 grain soft points and hollow points,,,,,,,
Should about be able to load 100 for that.
Funny how they charge more for less, for example: glasses for less than $50 you get frames with a lot of heavy duty material, for $300 a pair of titainium wire upper frame with a rubber band around the lens, or a large 4 person dome tent for $89, or a 2 lb 2 oz. 1 person tent for $125. A bullet with only 1/3 the powder for double the price! Go figure :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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