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I just got reply from Chris Coppos of Hogue Inc.

Their Mini-14/30 OM stock weights 1.85lb.

Anyone knows the weight of factory stocks?

BTW, the stock seems empty inside. Has anyone found a creative way to use the volume? Attaching a nipple for an emergency vodka suppy?


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I have a Houge Mini stock.
.223 doesn't require a recoil pad! Remove with a philips.
I cut the stock down so the LOP is 12.6" after the new pad is on.
Then I attached the M16 trap door but pad.
Line it up, drill some starter holes in the stock. Screw it on.
Trace the outline and grind away the edges until it matches up.
There is some embedded metal that gets ground on too.
This may require attaching the door with an allen head cap screw or longer pin.
I drilled completely through the sides of the pad to fit the screw.
It looks good.
Now you have a sizeable space to store cleaning equipment and
other goodies including a small bottle of vodka.
Buy a used but pad assembly from Gun Parts Corp. or somewhere.

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Savary, that is a cool idea. I'm thinking about doing your mod to my Hogue stock, except leaving it full size, and decide what goodies to put in there later. Thanks for the tip. :D
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