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Hello all! Hope everybody had a Merry Christmas.

I'd like to make my 197 mini a little more "tactical" but not "tacticool." Long range plans include accustrut, mag release and AFG, which I've never used but seems slick. I'm not a huge fan of hanging a bunch of stuff on my rifle, but maybe a light would be nice.

I like wood more than synthetic, but the thought of drilling holes in my wood stock makes me throw up in my mouth. I think I'm going to start with a new or used stock. With the 55-ish deal Midway is having on the synthetic stocks now, I can get one of those for roughly the same as a used wood stock from Numrich's.

My gut tells me I should go the Hogue route. Will it be easier to mount the bottom rail for the AFG on the hogue vs the wood stock?

Basically just looking for affirmation that the synthetic stock is the right path to follow. If someone has done the AFG on wood I'd be interested in hearing about that as well.



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The Midway deal right now is awesome, so I'd definitely grab one if I were you. I've read on these forums that drilling through the Hogue material is tough, but it has been done. Of course, it'd be easier on the wood stock, but I don't think wood (especially if it is the natural wood color) would match up well with the AFG.

Also, be sure you know the proper way of using an AFG. It is strange, but the way most of us use foregrips and AFGs are wrong. Magpul demonstrates the proper technique very well. The problem I see, however, is if you use the AFG properly then your thumb completely blocks the sight picture on a Mini-14.

I still plan on mounting an AFG to my Hogue, and I'll just have to see how well it works.

Picture of proper use:

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I have an AVG2 mounted on my Choate stock for my Mini-14. It was very simple to do. It works well for me, with my disability that I have with my left hand. I am now able to grab the fore grip with my left and and keep the weapon secure.

Here is a link to a person that installed an AVG2 on to a Hogue stock. It was a bit harder from the sounds of things, because of the over molded rubber. He was able to get it done though.



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That is the "proper" way to use an AFG on an ARF.

As you mentioned, it does not work on the Mini-14 platform. Or the M-14 and AK platforms. But that doesn't mean that it's not useful. I find that it reduces fatigue during long duration training exercises.

As to the OP's question, mounting a rail on the forend will work just as well on a wood stock as a synthetic stock.
it does, however if you are running optics...
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