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Can anyone inform me on this type of pistol
Steyr M9 Pistol.

1 Are they any good?

2 cost $439 american, is this a good price for what you receive?

3 what about the trigger, comments on trigger would be great.

4 They say that the frame is steel ( metal ) & then they put plastic on the outside, is this correct?

All comments welcome, needing to learn more.


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In reply to your inquiry these are my opinions

1. I think they are of very good quality. The steel has a minimum of machining marks and is well fitted. The polymer seems to be of good quality and is molded well.

2. Seems to be about mid-line pricing.

3. Trigger is very Glock like. Spongy and not very crisp.

4. Hadn't ever heard that they had a steel frame coated in polymer. They seem to use the same type of injection molding as glock with the steel inserts for the rails, etc. being put in at the time of molding.

5. The trapazoidal sights are unique and easy to accquire for combat shooting but not very precise for target shooting.

6. Very low bore axis and excellent ergonomics make it a very natural pointing pistol.

There were problems with the trigger group in early pistols but the importer stood behind their guns and offered free upgrades to all pistols with very good customer support. The guns were discontinued for a while when the Steyr factory was sold and production was re-located. Not sure if they are being produced and imported again yet but I think they are an entirely decent gun with many advanced features.
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