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Springfield 1911 question ?

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I could not resist buying a springfield 1911a1 my dealer had on sale. It is the loaded model and a very nice gun. But I have one problem,if the slide is open and you insert a loaded mag and release the slide release to chamber a round it takes a six o clock nose dive into the bottom of the throat. It does so with so much force it will shove the bullet back into the casing and ruin it.I reload my ammo but in this case I have used numerous brands of factory ammo,and wasted close to a$100.00 bucks Im sure.When you shoot the gun it functions flawless.You just have to pull the slide all the way back and release it to chamber a round. I called Springfield and they told me to use the seven round mags instead of the eight round ones I bought from Springfield at a huge discount.I did so but it made no difference,I even used some Wilson mags I have and it still would not chamber a round by releasing the slide release button,you still had to pull the slide all the way back and release it to chamber a round.I even tried ball ammo with the same results. I called Springfield again and they tol me to shoot a couple hundred more rounds through it.Which I have not done yet.But since the gun shoots well and dot malfunction should I just be happy pulling the slide all the way back or what should I expect? Thanks for any information in advance.
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Just a suggestion, but in my opinion, you should never drop the slide using the slide release. You will wear it out! I recieved this tip from a gentleman who is older than dirt, and has been in charge of the range and law enforcement training at Olin/Winchester for many years. This guy knows more about 1911's (his particular love) than anyone I have ever met, and I respect his opinion/advice immensely. Always pull the slide back by hand and release to chamber a round! The other gentleman who is having trouble putting the slide stop back in without scratchin the frame; just take a small object and push the spring loaded plunger back in a little and slip the slide stop into place. Yeah, its a pain, but beats scratching your frame which is all too easy to do. A small knive blade tip, small screwdriver, pin punch, etc. will do nicely.
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