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Springfield 1911-A1 Brown Nylon Grips:

So this new Springfield parkerized 1911-A1 "Mil-spec" came with absolutely beautiful cocobolo grips.

Decided that as nice as they are, it would be tragic if/when they got mauled in service.

Figured a set of $10 Trigger Happy Brand US Government Issue brown nylon grips would be just the thing.

(Note: internet image to show grips)

Was not very happy with the AO look (no offense).

So, dismounted the grips and:
- Wiped them down with Mineral spirits on a paper towel.
- Let dry.
- One coated with Rustoleum Flat Black BBQ spray paint.
- Immediately wiped down repeatedly with more Mineral spirits on a paper towel until the paper towel came up clean.
- Let dry.
- buffed with an old tee shirt to remove the last bit of excess paint.
- Let cure.

(Actual Grips)

Pretty happy now.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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