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Sparks from 1911

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While shooting my Remington 1911 R1 today, I noticed that sparks were coming out of the ejector port when the shell was ejected.

What does this usually mean?

The ammunition was Remington 230 grain JHP bulk box of 100 rounds.
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It means there were tiny fragments of powder still burning when the slide went back. Happens with my rimfires and cheap Russian ammo all the time.
Hmmm...I shoot the same ammo from my 1911 pistols..never noticed any sparks flying from the ejection port.

I have had boxes of Winchester/USA ball ammo that left huge amounts of unburned powder in and on the gun..and on me..

My guess is it's just the particular batch of ammo.

I had a weak..almost squib round fired from my 9mm Hi-Power that noticably flung sparks from the empty upon ejection the other day...and I've noticed the phenomenon from smaller blow-back pistols before.

Some Ultramax 'Cowboy' .45-70 ammo I was shooting from my ancient trapdoor rifle was leaving bunches of unburned powder in the action and barrel. I thought it was some sort of 'filler' they used to reduce the load..but it was powder. I scraped some out into a tiny pile..and it would burn. You would think 30 some inches of barrel would burn all the powder..but I guess not!

Try different ammo..and I bet the phenomenon goes away. It's just the batch of powder Remington used for that particular batch of ammo.
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I just got back from the range and had the same thing happen. I was shooting Remington 230 gr from a 250 round bulk pack that I bought at Wally World.

I was shooting a Springfield Mil Spec.

I'm not really worried about it though. When it happened I thought of this thread. :)


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It's an indication of a slow burning powder. More common in heavy projectile loads.
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