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Hey guys anybody ever heard of a "Southport" Mini-14 Suposed to have been 1st run of the Mini-14 w/roller style bolt (Like the M14) real walnut stock and downsized M1 Garand style rear sight !!! Check this link out:

Hell... here it is:

The Elusive "Southport" Mini-14. March 98 article
March 1998 article.
In my efforts to build a very basic collection of Ruger long guns, I found that some models and variations are very hard to locate. One of these is the first issue of the MINI-14 for the civilian market. These MINI-14's were made in the Southport, Connecticut plant before full quantity production was set-up at the Newport, New Hampshire factory. I have read that Southport MINI-14 production was 1,000 pieces, but I was told by a man I spoke with at Ruger, that there were closer to 1,750 MINI-14's made at Southport. Either way, it's a rather rare variation. Southport serial numbers started at 180-00001. When production switched over to Newport, serials also began with the 180- prefix, but they must have jumped up in numbers, as the lowest Newport MINI that I have seen was in the low 180-20000 range.
I remember seeing two of these MINI-14's about 1975 and they were beautiful. They had real walnut stocks and hand guards, not the birch stocks that are so commonly seen. The bolt had a roller, where the operating rod engaged the bolt, and the front and rear sights were completely different from Newport production. The front sight was a rather fragile appearing gold bead. The rear sight was more like a miniature version of the M-1 Garand rear sight.
Anyway, I finally was able to acquire one of the Southport MINI's this past spring. The serial is 180-00648 and it is in 99% condition. The walnut is beautiful and the metal finish seems to be smoother than on the later guns.
Now to the strange part. On the right-hand side of the rear sight is a knurled knob with a spring-loaded push-button in its center. Turning this knob moves the aperture assembly to the left or right. The left-hand side has a knob which is not knurled and can not be turned by hand. Pressing in on the push-button on the right-hand knob causes the left-hand knob to move slightly to the left. I have not been able to get the elevation slide to adjust at all, no matter what I have tried. The sight parts are in like-new condition, and show no tampering of any kind. Does anyone have an original manual which shows how to adjust the elevation? I would like to buy an original manual, designed knob. or pay someone to copy their manual. Or is someone familiar with this sight that can tell me how to adjust the elevation? The letter from the factory shows a shipment date of August 1974. Please write and help. Thanks. Harry F. Klein.
Article by Harry Klein.
These articles are brought to you by Wilson's . Rugermania at P.O.Box 278, Patton, Calif. 92369 and Hiddleson's R.E.N.E. 1945 Clover Ave, Perry, Iowa 50220.

Pretty cool if it's for real... AB

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