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I think it is a little odd that no one is answering my post regarding information comparing ARS and Accuracy Systems Inc. Surely someone on the group has experience with one or both vendors. What gives?

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We don't have a whole loot of traffic here. I'd love to get the same number of active Mini-14 users as we have on the email list.

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I am posting to say that I read/check this site everyday or even almost every hour. I'm sorry that no one has an answer your posting. I can only gather from my observations of this group that no one here has any useful input to your querey. I hope that does not taint your perception of the group of people here.

Personally I would post more often except that I am new to this group and well...nervous to say somthing stupid. Not that I am afraid to say something stupid but just enjoy sitting in my own little world some times.

Sorry but I've no information to give to you as I've just become a Mini-30 owner. (Hell I've owned my Mini-30 for almost a month and not even shot it yet!)

I like to think that this is a growing site (regarding the M14/30) and that in time this group will grow.

Don't give up on us so quick, as we all have the same mind frame in general.

Hope I havn't stepped on anybody's toes here.

Shine on...


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gave you all info I had now a suggestion, did you yry logging on to ASI's site and seeing if they have a reference page, or just e-mail them and ask for refferences, thats why I sent my second rifle to ARS, never heard about the work from ASI but ARS has references and a couple magazine articles posted on they're site.
Good luck
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