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So in my 10/22 now a CA evil gun?

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I recently found this site and just in time. Hopefully someone knowledgeable about the mess that is Kalifornia law can tell me in plain english ( I'm also trying to decifer the online CA regs.)

I recently got interested in target shooting again after many years. I dug my old 10/22 out of storage. However from reading I think this might now be an 'evil' gun here. I thought it might be pre-ban or that a .22 wouldn't be considered an 'assault rifle' but saw another message about these not really qualifying. This is the current configuration:

I bought used back in the 80's, the serial # starts with 120-

1) Just after I got it I put on a folding stock, a Black Warrior brand with a pistol grip.
2) I put on what looks like a muzzle brake, at least it looks similar to the current double brakes, slips around the sides of the front site, locked on with a set screw. middle section has 6 holes in two rows of 3, all near the top. The very front has 5 slots, there is not a slot on the very bottom of that section.
3) I put on a hand guard that goes on top of the barrel around the rear site area.

4) I also have several Ramline 25 shot banana clips and one of the 50 shot clips that looks like a big teardrop.

So it I took this to the target range am I a felon in Kalifornia? If so can I take the items off and keep in a box or is just possesion bad. Do I have to trash everything?

Thanks for any advice.
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Welcome to the forum Mr. Bill. As I understand the Federal Laws, you are ok, and as I understand The messed-up-everchanging Calif. laws you are ok except for the mags as you had your gun fixed up to its current configuration before the 1994 ban. Your muzzle brake is a John Mason double muzzle brake, also known as a Blackwarrior double muzzle brake, not a flash hider.

This being said My papa used to say, "If you don't know your rights, then you don't have any! If I were you are anyone else, you need to study your own states rights, and not rely on what someone else tells you. Since you already have a copy here is a couple more helpful links.
Federal Laws:
If you have a gun made before September 14, 1994 (pre-ban), you are able to have as many of the dangers on it as you would like legally. The caveat is that the gun has to have been in an "assault weapon" configuration on or before the ban took place.
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Originally posted by OHNO Mr Bill
Thanks cajungeo,

Yeah, I'll continue to check into this, just hoping for some leads from someone who already looked into it recently. I looked through a booklet on CA gun laws I got from the Calif. Rifle and Pistol Assoc. (member of CRPA and NRA) and in the CA Penal code section it mostly talks about centerfire weapons and I did find one section that said .22 rimfire guns or any converted to .22 rimfire weapon was exempt from the 'assault weapon' classification. That seems to cover my gun but of course the rules change ....
I need to do some more research on the hi-cap mags also. They should be ok fed rules wise but CA .... Until I know for sure I'll take the stock magazine to the range.
No Mr Bill, I want to point out 2 things:
(1) State law cannot violate Federal Law, but can exceed Federal Law. The Federal law says: "A semiautomatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least 2 of -" There is no exception for rimfire. Your except because you have a "PreBan".
(2) From your states laws: "Large-capacity Magazine means ANY ammo feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rds." Here they give 2 exemptions (1) shall not include a feeding device that has been permanently altered so it can't hold more than 10 rds. (2) shall not include any .22 caliber "TUBE ammo feeding device...

Your Rifle as configured is ok, because it was configured as a PREban, your hi-cap mags violate Calif law, not Federal law.
New Guy, your buddy at the club is wrong! Don't take his word, or mine, read it for yourself.
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