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Something happened recently that I cannot explain, so I reach out to the forum hoping for an explanation.
I've owned a Stevens 311c 16g double barrel for a little over 9 years.
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Because of this, I own a couple of 16g A-Zoom Snap Caps.
12 days ago, I bought a non-functioning 50+ year old Western Field 16g pump for real cheap. It was filthy and missing a couple springs. I cleaned it out and replaced the springs, making them myself. One of which is 1/3 of a flint spring from a full size Bic lighter. It now runs perfect and comparatively smoother than ever.
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Anyways, it functions and fires factory loads just fine. But when I ran my Snap Caps thru it...whoa. It really tears em up. Fired hulls have no discernable, out of the ordinary damage. Any reason why this is happening?
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