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Sling Studs

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Well i got a Blackhawk single point sling and the hole in the sling stud (In the ATI stock) is WAY to small for the sling mount to fit through it. I thought about milling a larger hole because drilling will push it to far to the edge for my liking.
Has anyone had a problem with the stud hole size being to small???
I thought about using a keyring type thing in the stud to mount the sling to, not sure if it will hold the weight though....
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Found a pretty heavy duty key ring and put that on for now. Im not liking the shiney chrome, but the cover on the sling clamp covers half of it so its not that bad. I will try to mill a larger hole in the extra studs i have.
I had to drill mine out. It was no big deal.
Well, I got the answer for you, but you'll have to search the web for it.

Tapco makes a stud with a large hole for folks like us. I mounted mine in the top of the stock hinge. The only problem is that it is a female and you'll have to arrange a screw on the inside to go into the swivel.



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