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Just had a scruffy looking SKS that had survived a house fire given to me. There was not too much damage from the fire. but it was left setting in a closet more or less exposed to the elements for a couple of months after the fire. Everything moves but there is a lot of surface rust. I am looking at stripping it and glass beading the exposed metal to remove surface rust. The wood can be sanded and refinished.
i need some directions, such as a exploded schematic or some good instructions on take down. So that I can stuff it back together and have it work once i clean it up.
Any help would be appreciated.
Any particular forums or web sites that deal with these?

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I can give you some simple instructions to get you started,as they are quite easy to break down!
1.Cock the gun. (obviously make sure it is UNLOADED!!!!!)
2.Put the saftey on.
3.using a phillips head screwdriver and mallet,put tip of screwdriver in the dimple of the small "nub" at the rear of the trigger group(you should see where it has room to slide forward).
4.Tap the screwdriver with the mallet and the "nub" should move,and the trigger group itself should fall free(or at least come loose). Then the trigger group can be removed!
5. If the "nub" does'nt want to move,then turn the safety off!! I can't remember whether the safty should be on or off,but it will only come apart with it in the right position,(on or off)!!!!!
6.This step CAN be done FIRST if you want!! turn the lever at the end of the receiver 90degrees or so(almost where your eye would be when you shoot it) then pull it out as far as it will come it is pinned,so it won't come out ALL the way!!.
7.Remove the receiver cover by wiggling and pulling upwards,the recoil spring and bolt are removed next.
8.The BBL and stripped receiver will come out of the stock now-just pull downward on the bbl,and it should come out.

That's pretty much it,AND I DID THIS FROM MEMORY, but the only thing I'm NOT SURE about is whether the safety should be ON or OFF to remove the trigger group!!! But it should be very apparent which way it should be,as it will only come apart ONE WAY!!

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask any more questions!! :eek: :D :rolleyes:


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