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Stock is made by ATI,it's a pretty decent stock cost about $70 new,the folder version sucks unless they have changed it,to much flex. Your rifle appears to be a Romanian M56 SKS as evident by the the four digits at the end of the serial number on the receiver those last four digits are the year of production. There should be a Triangle with an arrow inside it on the receiver somewhere. Check the bolt to see if it has the same serial number on it is the same as on the receiver. Bolt carrier is not a big deal as far as shoot ability partial serial # is the only thing different that doesn't affect function.

The Albanian SKS has a totally different charging handle,serial # configuration and a much longer cover on the gas tube,in fact the original Albanian gas tube has no exposed metal at all.

As far as what you need to get shooting at this point,pretty much just a magazine,a Tapco 20 should work nicely. Since your rifle has already had the stock replaced and apparently the handguard can't really tell in the photo thats two compliant parts all you need is 4 to end up with 10 or less and the Tapco mag has the other 2 compliant parts so you would be good to go.

Never heard of a Non-SKS I have heard of an SKS with no marking to identify country of origin but yours isn't one of those as evidence by the serial and other marking.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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