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My only complaint with my CZ 40 is the tiny dot on the front sight post, and the lack of night sights. The problem has been greatly reduced by applying "Bright Sights" white ghost glow sight paint. The back dots really jump put now, and the front one can now be found in the dark. For $5.95, its tough to beat. Of course, they aren't true night sights in a bottle, but they do glow for a good bit after a small exposure to light, even just a few seconds with a mag light.

Where the paint was really surprised was on my Firestar. The sights on it are good anyway, having a big dot up front and three bars in the back. After applying the ghost glow to them, they are superb, bright or dark.

I'd say it was well worth the money. I probably have enough paint to coat another 6 or 7 pistols.
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