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A few months ago I experienced persistent, and consistent, problems while firing the P226 9mm by Sig Sauer.

It would fail to feed from the magazine properly with every magazine load I put through it.

The diagnosis was that it was magazine related, but I was unable to test that theory until recently.

The solution to the problems? Use Mec Gar mags.

But, while shooting it I also discovered that due to my large hands and the way I grip my other semi-autos (1911, HK, FN, Glock, etc.) I was getting my thumb on the top of the slide release on the SIG and therefore the slide failed to lock back while shooting.

I wish SIG put their slide release forward of the decocking lever.

Anyway, here's a video report, I was very pleased with the accuracy of the SIG P226.

Has anyone else had a fail to feed issue with their SIG? What was the solution for you?

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