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Side scope mount for Mini-14

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I was wondering if anyone had experience with a side mounted weaver rail from either Millett or Weaver? I have a B-Square mount but would like a mount in steel instead of aluminum. (brass cases nick the mount) Any feed back on those two or others would be appreciated. Again, this is for the Mini-14 NOT a ranch rifle model. (If I had only purchased a Ranch Rifle in the beginning....) Thanx again.

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Thanx for the tip cajungeo. Sorry for the slow response. (busy days) I'm unhappy with the B-Square mounts for other reasons as well, and would like one made of steel not aluminum. After searching the board it seems that the Weaver mount gets the thumbs down. The Millett mount actually replaces the rear site, and seems well liked. The S&K mount appears similar. The problem continues with wanted to mount an A.R.M.S. mount on it which is designed for a Weaver / Picatinny style rail. I called Millett and they weren't sure if it would fit as the base tends to be thinner then most Weaver style rails. I'll call S&K on Monday.

Swordslinger, you had mentioned that you had gotten one of the Millett bases. How is it, and will it accept Picatinny standardized mounts? Also, how was your experience with

As always, thanx for the info guys. Eventually there may finally be pictures of the completed rifle.

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