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jtrich, I have installed a few of them...some vendors include a template showing where to drill the holes, so if you order one, make sure and ask for it....since your gun is a milled receiver, do not try to use rivets to attach it, thread the holes and use the appropriate fine pitch screws, along with a dab of thread locker (loctite 272)...

About the Romanian WASR-10's....they can be modified to accept high caps, but the mag well and the front trunion has to be modified (this can be done with a Dremel and a steady hand)...but in order for you to do this legally, you have to replace 4 of the parts with US made ones to remain in comliance with the ATF....otherwise, you'll create an illegal import high cap....

Hope this helps...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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