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Finally installed the 1/9 twist 16" barrel. Now it shoots the 62 gr. bullets much better. Bought the drum for 90.00 - couldn't resist. I tried to put a second picture of the gas block with the side sling attatchment. Some one could possibly give me some advice


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Now thats a wicked looking mini! Is that little thingy protruding out of the gas block, the side sling atachment? How does the drum shoot? And who did your barrel, gas block?

You can make a new post to attach the photo to this thread. Thanks for the picture.
Looks like quality work leescott. Is the barrel std dia, or .720"?

I'm merging this thread with your origional, as we are limited to 1 thread per member in the gallery. You can add to your thread as much as you want.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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