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In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is with @dsainc to discuss their newest FAL for 2023. The DSA G-Series FAL is DSA’s clone of the most desirable collector FAL in the world.

From September 5, 1959 to January 10, 1963, the Browning Arms Company imported 1,836 FAL rifles in caliber 7.62mm from Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, Belgium. Subsequent to January 10, 1963, the ATF classified this rifle as a machine gun. However it was determined that the 1,863 rifles imported by Browning would be exempt from the provisions of the National Firearms Act. Additionally twelve FN FAL rifles were imported through an administrative error in 1974. These 12 rifles are also exempt from the provisions of the National Firearms Act.

All DSA G-Series and GL-Series FAL rifles are marked FAL. cal. 7.62 on the left side of the receiver and Fabrique Nationale D’Armes De Guerre-Herstal Belgique on the right side of the receiver. The selector positions are marked “S” for safe, “R” for semiautomatic, and “A” for automatic. The selector lever is designed so that it cannot be rotated to the automatic position.

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