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shooting chrony beta master chronograph

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ordered this chronograph today for $129 at MIDWAY.
anyone using a shooting chrony and want to share any experiences/problems etc? how do they compare to pact and oehler?
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I picked up one from Midway just a couple of months ago myself, so I'm still new to it. I'm pleased with it and I haven't shot it. I'll put it to more use next year with more load development for my M1s and .308 guns.


In my .308 bolt gun, the only load I've used consistently has been 43.8 grs of Varget underneath Sierra's 168 gr HPBT. Very good results with that. But, I loaded my last 100 rounds using Varget tonight. I'm out. Going to try something new in the Spring: VihtaVuori's N140 under the same Sierra bullet.

Westerville??? I'm north of County Line in Heritage Estates. :)
Delaware for the last couple of years, with my Savage 10FP and a SharpShooter trigger. Last day this season is tomorrow for Delaware: they will be closed during January and February. I'll spend most of my shooting time w/pistols at The Powder Room in Powell for the next couple of months. Generally there every Friday at 11:30 or so.

I have a 30 day pass to New Albany Shooting Range since I just picked up a CZ 75 P-01 there weekend before last. Should spend some (free) time there before that deal expires.

Zanesville, you wouldn't mean as the place, would you? Plan to get over there some time in the Spring, too. Also shoot once a year at the Lima Sabres club with a bunch of crufflers (C&R license holders). Also try and make at least one CMP shoot down at the Pickaway County Sportsmans Club in Circleville.

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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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