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shooting chrony beta master chronograph

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ordered this chronograph today for $129 at MIDWAY.
anyone using a shooting chrony and want to share any experiences/problems etc? how do they compare to pact and oehler?
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i just bought a prochrono made by competition electronics from scheels for 89.00 it has 9 strings with 99 shots each
and stats for each string are hi vel, low vel, extreme spread, standard deviation number of shots,avg vel, delete shot, and delete strings interfaces with optional digital remote control that has printer interface and a pc interface but i do not have the remote control.
i run a couple differnt cal through it the other morning with interesting results.
243win 24"bbl with h380 55gr nos bal tips with win large rifle primer at 26deg f at 2250 elevation.results were
hi vel 3910 lo vel 3864 with avg of 3890
ext spread of 46fps deviation of 23 fps
first shot 3864fps
sec shot 3898fps
last shot 3910fps
22-250 26"bbl with h380 cci200 primer 55gr nos bal tip at 26 deg at 2250elevation
hi vel 3584
lo vel 3472 with avg of 3540
ext spread of 112fps deviation of 59fps
first shot 3565fps
sec shot 3472fps
last shot 3584fps
kinad interesting to see how reloads are working and with the 22-250 the cci primers were on the old side but i have never found any loads i like with cci primers to begin with maybe this is why there is way to much deviation with them. these are the only real tests i have done with my chrono but for sure looks like a very good tool to have imho
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