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The "distance past touch" is to insure that the flex of the press doesn't effect the sizing.
Horny-day is discounting the flex effect.
You can't push the case any further into the die than the holder/die contact will allow.
If you start with the Horny-day method, you can always set the die deeper IF your cases won't chamber.
Neither method insures that your headspace will be correct for your rifle.

What I prefer, for my bolt guns, is to start with the die set (about) 1/4" above ram contact, than bring it down a little at a time until I just contact the shoulder of a case fired in the rifle I'm loading for. The idea is to only size the case enough to fit into a specific (your) chamber. This is a little more advanced, and intended more for the accuracy freaks (like me).

I see you asked the same question on (at least) one other forum (Accurate Reloading) and got basically the same answers as above.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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