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Setting up Hornady resizing die

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I'm fairly new to reloading. I'm getting ready to start reloading .243 for my Rem. 700 SPS V.

My question is that I see a lot of people setting up there sizing die by raising the ram and turning in the sizing die until it touches the shell holder then lowering the ram and turning in the sizing die another 1/8 to 1/4 turn. I recently took a local NRA certified reloading class and the instructor suggested this method but does not have experience with the Hornady dies I will be using.

In the instructions that come with the Hornady dies it says to screw the die down until it touches the shell holder when the ram is at its highest position without camming over them lower the ram and tighten the lock ring and its set.

Which way do I need to setup my die for proper resizing to insure a safe and accurate headspace?


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The "distance past touch" is to insure that the flex of the press doesn't effect the sizing.
Horny-day is discounting the flex effect.
You can't push the case any further into the die than the holder/die contact will allow.
If you start with the Horny-day method, you can always set the die deeper IF your cases won't chamber.
Neither method insures that your headspace will be correct for your rifle.

What I prefer, for my bolt guns, is to start with the die set (about) 1/4" above ram contact, than bring it down a little at a time until I just contact the shoulder of a case fired in the rifle I'm loading for. The idea is to only size the case enough to fit into a specific (your) chamber. This is a little more advanced, and intended more for the accuracy freaks (like me).

I see you asked the same question on (at least) one other forum (Accurate Reloading) and got basically the same answers as above.
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The die and the ram do not need to make contact but it has to be very close. If you are denting shoulders on cases back off the lube especially if it is the glycerin type or back off the die from the ram. Another way to prevent denting is take a look at the shell holder. How tall is it above the groove that locks in the case? If you have very little height above the groove you might get dented cases. Look around and find a taller shell holder.

Or, drop a thin washer on top of the shell holder when their is a case locked in. Check for dents. Some dies are tighter than others and may crush shoulders. Tailgunner has his method. The idea is to resizes cases without crushing the shoulder. Then check for fit in your rifle. It's not rocket science but you may have to experiment a little. kwg
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Proper dizer adjustment has nothing at all to do with touching or not touching the shell holder and die; it's all about getting the sized cases to fit the users chamber and that can't be done by a formula.
I have a set of hornady dies for the 7MM rem mag. I have to back it off a little as it WILL crush the shoulders if I have it all the way down...
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