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Scope question

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Has anyone tried the mini 14 scope listed in Cabela's? (BEC 4x21mm.....I think.) Thanks
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There have been several posts scattered about the forum about excessive recoil shaking scopes off the mini-14. The cure seems to be replacement of the gas bushing. I haven't needed to try it myself - my recoil isn't that bad. I bought mine used, maybe the previous owner already modified it.

I wouldn't discount a brand name just because it's cheap. Things Made in China get done for about $1 for a day's work. For the most part, the stuff from China seems to made well enough.

Now for my political message!

I stopped buying Made in China 2 years ago, when I finally realized that my dollars were going directly to the Chinese military.

My advise: After your dollar is spent, the damage is done, so don't throw things away. Just keep your Made in China stuff as a reminder. Inspect the next product before you send more dollars to our next Superpower adversary!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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