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Scope mount help

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I have a mauser 93 sporterized rifle when I bought it. It had weaver scope mounts already on it # 46 front # 45 rear. Heres the problem when I level the gun up in a scope vise the front mount is 1/8 of a inch lower than the rear. I have looked at
brownells catalog and they don't list a 93 mauser. I was told if the rear was to low I could use a #55 rear mount but this is not the problem. HELP!!!!!!! any imput you can think of will be of help.
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You might try a medium heigth ring on the front mout and a standard or low mount ring on the rear. Let me see what rear mount I may have here as I have a Husqvarna 9.3x57 built on the 96 mauser that came with mounts and the rear was #55.
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