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sako 30-06 my new gun soon....

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I made payments on a Sako 30-06 for my first to come
deer hunting this fall. Owe 45 bucks on it, and get to
bring it home. (Has a 3x9 leupold scope, mounted
nicely.) What brand of ammunition would you fella's

I've looked for and found two public areas within
25 miles of my house I can target practice at. Took
hunter safety, so I know to make sure of my shot,
where to hit the deer, and how far a bullet travels
so I don't want to miss. If i'm not ready to hit one
I'll even wait till next yr. (After listening to how
many have been hit turkey hunting, I'm weary of
going with some of the local good ol'boys who
hunt out of their trucks.) My husband doesn't
hunt, but is willing to lug my deer to the car.:)!!

Any how, thanks for listening. Im a gal who likes
to shoot. Only handguns and shotguns at targets
so far. Just think thou...if all the women became
interested, they'd have a lot harder time trying
to take em' away from us... wouldn't they???
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Thanks Kalifornia, and Short trader.

I'd eventually like to hunt elk also. Why I got the
30-06. I love elk roast. Delicious.
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