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I made payments on a Sako 30-06 for my first to come
deer hunting this fall. Owe 45 bucks on it, and get to
bring it home. (Has a 3x9 leupold scope, mounted
nicely.) What brand of ammunition would you fella's

I've looked for and found two public areas within
25 miles of my house I can target practice at. Took
hunter safety, so I know to make sure of my shot,
where to hit the deer, and how far a bullet travels
so I don't want to miss. If i'm not ready to hit one
I'll even wait till next yr. (After listening to how
many have been hit turkey hunting, I'm weary of
going with some of the local good ol'boys who
hunt out of their trucks.) My husband doesn't
hunt, but is willing to lug my deer to the car.:)!!

Any how, thanks for listening. Im a gal who likes
to shoot. Only handguns and shotguns at targets
so far. Just think thou...if all the women became
interested, they'd have a lot harder time trying
to take em' away from us... wouldn't they???

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If you don't handload, I'd suggest some plain 'ol Remington CoreLokts. I think you can get them in 150gr and they are readily available at Wally World and prob your local gun shop.

If my four sisters are any indication of how women hunt, I'd hate to see too many women start hunting - I'd never get to kill anything, they are way better than me :D I'm just kidding tho, the more the merrier.

The .30-06 packs a little bit of a punch, if it is uncomfortable, please step down to a .25-06 or .243. Not saying that you can't handle it, but if it makes you develop a flinch, it will be very detrimental to your accuracy and could take a long time to get rid of. If your a sturdy girl and recoil doesn't bother you, good for you.

Good luck!

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I recommend 150 GR soft points for deer hunting in the 30-06. You won't need a heavier bullet for deer, unless you're shooting past 200 yards, where wind is a factor. Also, there is a very noticeable difference in recoil between a 150 GR and a 180 GR bullet.

30-06 is probably overkill for deer anyway, but it's the most popular. If you hit in the forward lung or heart area the deer will drop right there. A little off, and you might have to track 25 yards. I guess that's why 30-06 is popular.

Anyhow, you do need to take your brand-new rifle to the range. Use 150 GR bullets, I don't think it matters if it's regular military ball or more-expensive soft-points as far as accuracy is concerned. I don't think brand name is too important here, though I'd like to here from folks about this. However, I do know from experience that bullet weight is important as far as accuracy is concerned.

A rifle will shoot 2 inch consistent patterns at 100 yards in 150 GR. Put 180 GR rounds in and you might shoot 2 inch consistent patterns also, but the center could be, say, 1 foot lower and 1 foot to the right from the center of the 150 GR bullets. That's enough to completely miss the deer!

So I say, 150 GR and happy hunting!



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Nice choice of weapons Mouse, I love the fit and feel of a Sako, the scope needs no introduction here. My 22 year old niece shoots a 30-06 and loves it. Please handle it like a 12 gauge, never get happy or the recoil will bite. I am a big fan of the Remington core lokt bullets. Dont skimp on huntin ammo! buy the best and try the rest, once you find the best ammo for your gun dont change it. use the other stuff for Targets and small game till the rifle feels like part of your arm. Tell your husband he is a dear man and we commend his offer, lets see if he still is willing once you have shot a 900 lb. bull elk.:D :usa:

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First of all let me say you have a great rifle/scope package
there,The sako rifle is very well made and should last
you a life time the same could be said for the leupold scope.
Now, if the rifle/scope package is pre-owned OR your dealer
did not mount the scope, When you take it home RE MOUNT IT.
make sure all the screws and the related hoes are de-greased
then tighten down the BASE with a drop of lock-tight on each
screw's thread,the ring screws dont need lock-tite just make them snug,Then bore-sight it.
AS for the rifle, seperate it from the stock by removing all related
screws in or around the trigger gaurd/floor plate assembly
dry the wood in the barrel channel and clean and lightly!
lubricate the barrel and bottom of the receiver before
reassembeling the stock (evenly tighten the screws snug).
IF you do this whole process corectly you are ready to sight
in (if it wont zero, it would be you and not your weapon).
As for ammunition for the 3006 on white tail deer if your shots
are going to be strictly over 200 yards i would recomend
a premium 150 grain bullet .
for Thick woods deer hunting where shots are under 100 yards
use a premium 180 grain partition bullet .
and for general all around deer hunting I use a federal preimum 165 grain nosler balistic tip round.I killed over 50 deer with it through out New York and pensylvania.
Remember to sight in with the same ammo you are going hunting with,for example if you are using 180 grain federal premium parition bullets to hunt with , you could start out your site in with
say a 180 grain remington core lockt crap round then when its "in there" shoot a few of the federal rounds to make sure they are in too (its cheaper this way).Then go out and shoot your Buck!
Its great to see more and more woman in the deer woods every year I only wish my wife would go with me one year, but she is a city girl and you know how that goes.

:confused: :confused:
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