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Hello M1A gunners!!

I am a newbie to M1As this fourm, and usually frequent and shoot SA 1911s (Kimber, PO, SA) exclusively. I wanted to add a proven long gun to my repertoire, to be shot as exclusively and passionately as my choice of pistol.

Naturally, my long selection process has driven me to the M1A. Having shot a few of my friends (M21, SA NM, Armscorp etc.) I fell in looooove!

I recently bought a used M1A NM from a friend. The fiberglass stock is pretty dinged up and could use a new parker on the receiver for my aestethic tastes. I was interested in setting my M1a up to resemble the Vietnam era M14. Anyone have any photos or suggestions on how to acheive my aim?
Please advise or disadvise.


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