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Sa M-7?

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Has anyone had experience with this AK-47 style of rifle? I was at a match yesterday and one dude was bragging that this is the ultimate AK-47, the SA M-7, built by Bulgarian standards and built in Las Vegas, NV. Milled receiver, hammer forged barrel, forged internals, choice of wood or synthetic stocks. I would like to find an excellent 7.63x39 rifle to shoot, semi-auto of course. Thanks for any info you can share, Stan in Southern New Mexico Territory.
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I have a K 101. it's a Bulgi in 5.56 and a fine rifle. I'm sure the other milled Bulgi's are just as well made. I look for Arsenal U.S.A to reproduce the K 101. and a 5.45 model in the future. They are nice rifles.
one good cop sorry it took so long to answer. Thank's but I'm going to hang on to the K 101. It took me awhile to find it. I see you've picked up a Galil in 308. The Galils are excellent rifles. I've had the pleasure of shooting one in 5.56, but not 308. I'm sure yours is going to be a keeper. ;)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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