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Sa M-7?

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Has anyone had experience with this AK-47 style of rifle? I was at a match yesterday and one dude was bragging that this is the ultimate AK-47, the SA M-7, built by Bulgarian standards and built in Las Vegas, NV. Milled receiver, hammer forged barrel, forged internals, choice of wood or synthetic stocks. I would like to find an excellent 7.63x39 rifle to shoot, semi-auto of course. Thanks for any info you can share, Stan in Southern New Mexico Territory.
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I have a Romanian WUM. The receiver on my Romanian is stamped and not milled, and the foregrip has a pistol grip. Overall, the setup looks really sharp. I shoot this rifle with whatever cheap military surplus is out there and have never had a misfire. As for accuracy, can't complain about that either. This rifle has the scope mounting rails on the left side of the receiver so I can mount one of those Russian PSO scopes. With the accuracy that I get from the iron sights, it may be well worth it to mount a scope on the rifle. Sorry for the long post, but when it comes to the AK, I could go on and on................

Mike P
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