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I have these up for sale or trade, email me if you are interested sometimes the notification doesnt work.
[email protected]

2 Ruger Mini14 Ramline 30rnd mags NEW (also fit AR 15) $25each

2 Ruger Mini14 Blued steel 20rnd mags (used but good cond.)$20 each.

Ruger Mini14 Original wood stock complete exc. the buttplate. for a Stainless Steel ranch. make offer?

Ruger 10/22 speedloader (insert the clip and turn knob)$30 used good cond.

BMF Activator for the 10/22 or other 22's. Turns your 22 into an auto by rotating the knob. Each turn it will shoot 3 to 4 times. Pretty neat. $20 in box used good cond.

PACT Digital scale for reloading LNIB $80

You may either make me a trade or buy all of it.

Things I am interested in;

Laser sight for my rifle.
.308 bullets to reload (fmj, Amax sst, No soft points.)
M14 20rnd clips (must be factory or equivlant)
A good high power scope. (lepould, ?)

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